Thursday, July 3, 2008

MSC Cooking Camp

Many months ago, Pete mentioned that her friend had taken a cooking camp last summer and said she (Pete) would like to do that this summer. When I asked her friend's mom about it, she said that this summer they were just going to cook together instead and maybe Pete could join them sometimes. I thought that sounded cool and said maybe we could return the favor and have Pete's friend cook with us and from there it turned into a regular, once-a-week thing. Then Pete and her friend invited everyone they know to join us. Not a good idea in my tiny kitchen... Fortunately only one more friend could do it.

This week is the third week. So far the girls have decorated recipe boxes (they get a recipe card to put in it with each week's recipe) and made s'mores and deviled eggs. I think they're making some sort of Cheerio/marshmallow thing this week (it's not my week to lead), which they will love, I'm sure. I need to come up with a good (nutritious, yummy, easy) recipe for next week that doesn't include marshmallows, though. Maybe something they could eat for lunch? Anybody got any ideas?


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

What about english muffin pizzas?

Moomie said...

so far the only suggestion I have is pancakes, but those aren't really for kids to make as a group. I like a shredded carrot salad (you can shred with a peeler) topped with an up-side-down pear or peach half (canned), decorated with cherry mouth and eyes, or a dollup of salad dressing, chunk of cheese or mayo for a nose, or raisins for eyes, you get the idea. cottage cheese can be used too if the kids like that. Make ears with cut-up kiwi or plums.

Meme said...

As a kid I felt very empowered to be able to cook what felt like a MEAL--I remember saying things like "I can cook soup, scambled eggs, and make tuna salad." They may not feel as fun as some of the other things, but they start to make you feel like you can "cook." I also remember my aunt showing us how to level off ingredients and what to pack down in the measuring cup & what to leave loose and that made me feel smart & confident. And I loved using the sifter.

Dana said...

What a great idea! Embellishing recipe boxes and then collecting recipes! I think all the suggestions are awesome. I remember making english muffin pizzas as a kid. And I still make pancakes when I don't know what else to cook. And I'm with meme on the "meal" thing.
I don't know if this suggestion is helpful or not (it's a lot of work), but perhaps some 30-minute bread rolls. I love the smell of yeast and fresh bread and the girls would have a blast kneading the dough!

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