Friday, July 18, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

When I say to Howie, "Do you want to go out?" he trots toward the door and Lulu scrambles after us exclaiming, "I'm coming too! I have pants on!!" Unless she's not wearing pants (or shorts or a skirt or PJ bottoms). Then she runs off in search of pants crying, "Wait for me! I needa get my pants on!!" And sometimes she just pushes her way out with us in a t-shirt and pull-up. Pants be damned!

I'm a little concerned that there is a struggle in Howie's mind over who is more dominant in our little pack, him or Lulu. He's fine with Pete, but with Lulu, he jumps on her from behind and nips at her ears and hair. He knocked her down yesterday and wrestled around on her head until I rescued her. It was actually a comical sight except that it's not okay. I could be wrong about what's happening, since he's our first dog, but in case I'm not, I need to find out what to do because I suspect that his full-grown size next year is going to be bigger than her 3 year-old size...

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Dana said...

That is scary!

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