Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not Our Prince

That cute little old-lady's dog, it turns out, is not the dog for us. We love him. He's sweet and submissive and pretty obedient (he'll drop the ball when you tell him to), but he's almost 6 years old, hasn't yet been spayed, and appears to not be completely housebroken - one of the handlers mentioned that he has a tendancy to lift his leg to mark his territory and that "that should get better when he's neutered," but if I'm going to have to train a dog not to pee in the house, we might as well get a puppy. I don't know. I feel bad. I called and told them nevermind, though. We'll keep looking.

I promise I'll just let you know when we actually get a dog. You're probably pretty tired of all this almost-getting-a-dog stuff. I know I am. If you start to wonder what's going on, just ask and I'll specifically send you an update...

1 comment:

Dana said...

Choosing a dog is a big deal. Of course it's on your mind all the time!

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