Thursday, July 24, 2008

Potty Update

Lulu is still not potty trained. I admit I've neglected it recently because it seemed slightly more important to potty train the dog for the past 2 weeks and I couldn't do both (I'm only NearlySuperMom this summer, apparently). So now that Howie is almost all learned, I've started focusing on Lulu again, but she's not helping at all. She says things like, "Noooo!" and, "I caaaan't!" and "I don't waaant tooooo!" So we're upping the motivation. I'm going to make her a new sticker chart and we've started doing a little dance for peepee, not just poopoo, and we're going to continue the extra special treat for poopoo-in-the-potty. Because she can do it - she just doesn't want to. But who knows what really motivates her?


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

PH loves to sit on his potty. LOVES it. Because he gets free, unlimited candy while he is on the potty. He has yet to actually perform any kind of elimination in the potty, but at least he likes to strip and sit on it!

Dana said...

How I potty-trained my son:
I waited until he obviously knew he was supposed to (we had attempted training a couple of times already) and then just put him in underwear (or nothing at all). He was so horrified at peeing and poohing all over himself that he started using the toilet the next day. He hasn't had any regressions. I was worried about my brand-new, plush semi-shag carpet, but it was worth it.

Moomie said...

Lulu strikes me as a girl who will do it just as soon as it is no longer important to YOU that she be trained. Good luck with that!

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