Wednesday, December 12, 2007

LL Gets It... Sort of...

The other day I was cleaning around the house (nuh-huh! I was! For real!!), and I was carrying a grocery bag that had trash in it, and I realized that Lulu was following me around, and she was saying, "Present! Open it! Open it!" I don't know if she thought the trash bag was a present, but clearly she knows what to do with a present (you know, if you want to send her something...).

And also, we got a box from Big Brother and his family, and as soon as we brought it in from the porch she started asking to have it opened. "Open it! Open it!" When I told her I'd need the scissors to open it, she went off in search of scissors (don't worry - she can't reach them).

I think Christmas morning might be kind of interesting.

But then I've been surprised by my kids before...

1 comment:

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I will vouch! I was on the phone when this happened! It was awesome!!

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