Thursday, December 20, 2007


You know what's a little unexpected and kind of freaky but in a cool and amazing way? When you're driving in the car with Pete and she says, "Conway," or "Game Stop," instead of, "Mom? What does that say?" And also it's the same thing when you're in another room and come into the living room to find Pete reading a book to her sister. Really reading the words. Not just remembering what each page says from the last time she heard it. And when Lulu says, "Mo plees," Pete says, "Go get another book," and she means it.

So you know, Pete gave her approval to the Frog and Fox story I posted yesterday. She said she might like it better when I write them down and read them to her instead of when I make them up on the spot. "Because then you can remember them."


The grandpa said...

Nice entry.

I remember that feeling of my kids reading signs outside the car window.

Tickel said...

Now that I am preparing for my little one I often think aobut my visit to your house and the bedtime stories I read to Pete. She really loved them and I had such a great time reading to her. Now the one thing I can't stop buying for our little guy is books. I have so many books for him. I hope he loves to read as much as this family does.

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