Sunday, December 16, 2007


This past Saturday, Pete and I went to see The Nutcracker downtown. It was the second time this year that we've seen it. Remember? I told you about the last time. I love going to the theater with Pete. She's the best! It was rainy and cold, and all the way from the parking deck to the theater (4 blocks?), she talked about how she wished there was a taxi we could take, but she was a trooper and we made it. When we got there the Sugar Plum Fairy was set up taking pictures with people for $15. I totally would have paid that (exorbitant) price to let Pete have her picture taken with the Very Pretty Fairy, but she didn't ask. But she told Husbandguy later that she wanted to...

So last time, the dancers were better. There was way less looking-out-of-place that time, but this time the interpretation of the story was better, humor-full but not quite so silly, and the staging and costumes were beautiful, which I think, at least as far as the staging goes, has a little to do with the sets and lighting being permanent and not in a high school gym. Also, this time, the music was live. That was wonderful! And a little distracting because every time something interesting happened (singers, the harp, etc.), I found myself watching the musicians and not the dancers. And the audience was better. Less clapping at random times. Although Pete and I were both annoyed by them clapping along during the "jumping candy canes." And they did give a standing ovation at the end, which Pete and I used to gather our coats and umbrellas.

It was a very nice time, though. Even with the cold, rainy weather. And it takes a certain kind of kindergartner to not get bored about halfway through the second act (all the action is in the first act - the second is just dancing). My Pete's not one of those kinds of kids yet. But she lasted much longer than the little girls in front of us, and when she got bored she just asked how much longer one time and then waited patiently until it was finished. And she said she enjoyed it. Again. And wants to go back. Again.

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The Meme said...

You should like you have the grandpa's philosophy about standing ovations!

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