Friday, December 21, 2007

Heavy Sigh (and a Big Grin)

Today is Pete's last day of school until 2008. She is looking forward to spending more time with Husbandguy, who is having his last day of work until 2008 today. And Lulu is also out of school after today until 2008. My family is looking forward to next week. And here's the Heavy Sigh part: This morning is my last quiet morning until 2008. I like having time to myself.

And here's the Big Grin: My family will be around all next week and I won't be by myself most of the time. Wait, you say. That's the same thing as the Heavy Sigh just said different. I know! It's cool isn't it?

But check with me a week from tomorrow...

Also, if I'm absent from TIBM next week, just know that I'll be back in 2008 too. I'll post if I can, but don't count on me. Happy Holidays!

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