Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Cutest Thundercloud EVER

Last night, Husbandguy gave Lulu a little bite of his eclair. She didn't like it (weirdo!), and she made it clear with a "Yuck!" face. I told her she could spit it out onto her plate because that's not gross if it's just you and your family and everyone knows it's happening and she was really unhappy with it in her mouth. After she spit it out, though, she gave DH the best look. Her little eyebrows were pursed together in a Terrible Glare and her little mouth was a tiny, angry bow. Her face absolutely said, "How dare you feed me something so disgusting!" Our Tiny Tyrant! She found it hard to maintain, though, when DH and I laughed. Even though she tried.

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