Friday, December 21, 2007


I confess, I like to complain. I have a lot, A LOT, of pet peeves. I won't go into detail about them all today (you may get that another day), but I would like to address one of them right now, and it's not "heighTH."

Lulu is napping after her festive last school day, and I was cleaning out her bag, which is extra full today what with the toddler-made ornaments and, here comes the pet peeve, the goodie bags! Huh?! For children under two?! Really?! Chocolate candy bars? Giant candy canes? Really?!! I get that you want to share your... holiday spirit (?) with your child's classmates. I get it. So give them a coloring book from the dollar store or a very special little (age-appropriate) toy or something other than candy. Anything but candy! I appreciate the thought. I'd appreciate it more if the person the bags are from had actually thought about what they were giving my kid. My very small kid who doesn't eat chocolate because she's very small and doesn't need it. I haven't thoroughly searched the bags yet, but I bet at least one has peanut butter in it.

On the bright side, Lulu is too little to care if I and her dad and her sister eat all her candy bars. We'll share the candy canes with her and she can have the Santa cup, which she'll love and which would have been enough for my toddler by itself. Pete will be pleased. And also, one of the candy bars is that new 3 Musketeers Mint bar, which I've been wanting to try.


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I KNOW! Same problem I had with the fambly's goody bags on Halloween! That they ON PURPOSE made for PH!!! But do you not let Lu have peanut butter? Cause PH likes it okay and has it pretty regularly. Or are you just concerned that some of those kids have peanut allergies?

Mommy's Nintendo said...

Our pediatrician said we should wait until Lulu is 2 to give her nuts. And I think the AAP recommends 3 years now. But even so, I think you should never put peanut butter in a goodie bag unless you know for certain that no one has allergies.

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I agree about the allergies. It's weird b/c PH's doc said it was all fine except honey now. But he's been ahead of the "acceptable food" curve all along, because of his freakish largeness. Yesterday, at the doc? 30 pounds. Which is fine, since he is more than three feet tall. Seriously.

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