Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Our ISP Sucks!

A few years ago, Husbandguy and I got tired of the intermittantly available internet service we had and we switched to what we though was a better choice. The company we had our service from, which was originally a long distance company, wouldn't admit that the problem was on their end when we called "customer service" and told me to do all the things I had already tried on my end to reconnect. I hate calling customer service. So anyway we switched and had pretty good access for several years. Recently, though, our service was aquired by our original ISP, and guess what! We have had patchy or NO service for the last four days! DH called customer service and got a BUSY SIGNAL! You shouldn't ever get a busy signal from the customer service number at a large corporation. I'm just saying. When he finally got through, he got a message that said there was a "region-wide outage" and that the CS clerks didn't have any more information than that and that if he wanted to hold, his wait could be "greater than 60 minutes." Um. They suck. I'll be lucky to get this posted before it gives out again, I think, so don't be sad that you didn't get your "Pete Says:" this week. Blame it on The Corporation.

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I hate customer service, too, and I hate even more that I feel like I have to take their part... but they really did have a system-wide (and, really, like, a half-country-wide) outage! They were even on the Noooz!! :-)

Get better, Pete!

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