Thursday, December 6, 2007

Don't Hate Me Because I'm...

...done with all my Christmas shopping. You thought I was going to say "beautiful." Didn't you? Oh come on! You know me better than that.

Anyway, Santa ordered her his last present for the girls yesterday (it's cool - and kind of expensive - but Lulu and Pete are both going to like it even though it's mainly for Lulu). And I've been done shopping for Husbandguy and Moomie and Big Brother and Uncle Monkey and their families for a couple of weeks now. Oh wait! I have a couple of gifts I'm waiting until a little closer to the end of the month to get because they're perishable or would arrive too soon if I get them now. So I guess I'm not done. But still. I don't have anything Christmasy to do right now.

I think I'll make eggnog breads. Those are so pretty when they're all done. See?

You're going to have to wait on the picture. Our internet service is sucky again. But trust me. They're pretty.

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