Monday, December 10, 2007

Ceptin' I Don't Know HOW to Order Starbucks

This morning I took my monthly... What does the doctor call it?... Oh yeah!... "steroid pulse." What that means is that tomorrow I'll feel great and really notice the carpet on my bare feet and barely notice the invisible wool knee socks I usually wear and all the colors will seem brighter and I won't pee. Actually, the not peeing will last longer than just tomorrow. TMI? Sorry.

But today, since the magic meds haven't had time to sufficiently tame any of Wild Inflammation I might have going on, I feel kind of cloudy. Partly because the feeling has been coming on for a couple of days (thank you, MS - you suck), and partly because I didn't have any coffee with my steroids 'cause that might upset my stomach and make me jittery. Extra jittery. But I think I should have had coffee. So after I dropped Lulu off at school, watched Pete's class for half-an-hour, and then sorted books, I went to the grocery store, where they are nice enough to have a Starbucks right inside the door in case you don't have time to drink coffee at home before you do your shopping. And I almost got some. Except, here's the thing, I don't know how to order there. What if I say the wrong size because isn't a small called something that doesn't sound small? And what if I just want plain old coffee? They have all those extra things! I know I just have to order "coffee." I could probably even order a "small coffee" and they would know what I mean, but it's so intimidating! And what if I want sugar? Do I tell them that? If so, why do they have the sugar off to the side? If not, what's all that extra stuff they're yelling to each other when someone buys something? If only there had been a Bojangles in the parking lot. I could have come with my own coffee.

Ooooo! I just had a money-making idea! Someone should give Starbucks Ordering Workshops. Except for it can't be me giving the workshops because I don't know how. But if you do it, I want a finders fee, okay?


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I would LOVE to take on that venture... and you can have 15% of all my intake, deal?

By the way: Small=Tall (see how they rhyme?)

You can order "coffee", but they don't doctor it for you. You have to do your own cream and sugar.

Husband orders a Triple Venti Caramel Macchiato, and I order a Venti Mocha, which, if you like hot chocolate (and I know that you do), you might find yummy. The "Triple" indicates that there are three (yes, 3!!!) shots of espresso in that beverage. Imagine.

Mommy's Nintendo said...

15% sounds good. Unless it turns out to be very lucrative. Then I might want to renegotiate...

The Meme said...

I order all the time, but PSP, do you pay extra for the 2nd & 3rd shots?

The Meme thinks mommy's nintendo will like Chai extra hot.

The macchiato is also really pretty iced--split into 2 colors.

The lattes and cappacinos already have milk in them--you can get them non fat, I KNOW, maybe lowfat too. Latte has more milk.

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