Tuesday, December 4, 2007

P-New-Moan-Ya (Almost)

Remember how Pete had a fever on Thursday? Well, I kept her home on Friday and she still had a fever. She might have had a fever on Saturday but we didn't check because she wanted to go see Santa and said she felt fine. We checked on Sunday, and she did have a fever and also on Monday, when I kept her home from school again. So we went to the doctor who listened to her breathe and say, "Eeeeee," a whole lot and then said, "I don't think it's pneumonia." With any other doctor, I would have immediately questioned the "I don't think..." but I trust Dr. Y. She's been our pediatrician since Pete was a day old in the hospital. So I waited and she went on to say, then, "If we don't treat it, it could become pneumonia." Apparently poor little Pete had a little fluid in her left lung. Yikes! I hadn't even considered pneumonia! The good news is, though, that we went to the doctor in time, and now Pete is taking an antibiotic and that anti-mucus medicine, and she's been fever-free all day and did great at her piano lesson in spite of not practicing at all since last Wednesday. And tomorrow she'll go back to school and won't miss the book fair and I can go do the volunteer thing I'm signed up to do and everything will be normal again. Phew! And an advantage of Montessori school: if you're out sick for three days, you're not exactly behind. You might miss a "special," but you don't miss a lesson and have to make it up.

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the grandpa said...

Hey, Pete! It's the grandpa saying get well quick. Love you.

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