Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Smoking Weather

See. I used to be a smoker. Sort of. I wasn't ever a really heavy smoker, and never had much trouble giving it up so maybe I wasn't really a smoker, but I used to smoke. Now I don't want to smoke anymore. In addition to being really bad for you in general (sorry, PSP, I'm not trying to be preachy - you make your own choices), it is especially bad for your nervous system, and I don't think my nervous system needs any more help being damaged. But sometimes, just sometimes, the weather is exactly perfect smoking weather and I almost wish I still smoked just so I'd have an excuse to sit outside. I know I could actually just sit outside, but somehow it doesn't seem like it would be the same without a cigarette interfering with the cool, fresh, clean air I would be breathing. You know? Last night was one of those nights. That's just wrong in December. It should be too cold to want to sit outside when there are just 2 more weeks until Christmas!


the grandpa said...

Certainly know the feeling. And am certainly glad you don't smoke, as I am sure that both Pete and Lulu, not to mention Husbandguy are glad too.

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

It's all good... I know it's bad for me... but I still like it, and your reason here is a LARGE part of the reason why, I think.

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