Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cracker of Nuts and Mashed Cauliflower

Last night, Moomie took Pete and me to see the Columbia City Ballet perform "The Nutcracker" at Moomie's local high school. That doesn't sound right exactly, does it? The Columbia City Ballet? In a high school auditorium? But for real that's what happened. And it was beautiful. I'm not 100% sure I haven't seen The Nutcracker performed before, but I don't remember it if I did. But now I will. And Pete and I have tickets to see the NC Dance Theatre's performance of it next month. I suspect that the Columbia dancers are better, but we'll see.

There were two complaints about last night, though, and I'm going to post them just because. Pete's was that she couldn't see. High school auditoriums aren't really designed to provide the best viewing if you're five, but it didn't turn her off to the ballet, just the auditorium. She wants to go again, but at a real theater.

My complaint is all the clapping! Good grief! Is it just me? I had this problem with the Beauty and the Beast performance we saw in October, too. People clap at the littlest thing! Oooo. He lifted her above his head! Oooo! She's dancing on her toes! Oooo! The music got louder! Except that there were actually five more minutes of dancing before that particular scene was over and then we they had to clap again at the right time. I get that you want to show the dancers that you appreciate what they're doing. But wait until they're done! I don't mean you should only clap when the show is over or even just when an act ends. Just not constantly! They may do something even more interesting next. If you clap for every little thing, you'll be clapping the whole time. And also maybe this really is just me, but a huge part of going to the ballet is listening to the music. If you're clapping, you can't hear it. Neither can the person next to you who's actually waiting to clap until the time is right. (Quick note: I didn't mind the clapping in the middle for the local children who did a really good job with their parts; I am a mom after all.)


Now, about the cauliflower. I didn't think I liked cauliflower, but Moomie and Moomie's Hubby make mashed cauliflower with bacon and cheese in it and it's delicious! Of course it is! It has bacon and cheese in it. But even the cauliflower part was good. Pete liked it, too. I might make it at home. Husbandguy is wary about trying it, but I think he'll like it.


the grandpa etc. said...

Another thing that annoys me is the way audiences believe every performance deserves a standing ovation. I hadn't noticed it until I moved to Alabama, but since then, the practice has gotten worse. If everything deserves a standing ovation, then a standing ovation means nothing.

We have some friends who like to serve mashed turnips or mashed turnips mixed in with the mashed potatoes. Can't say I'm a fan. But I have had some cauliflower dishes I've enjoyed. HAppy Thanksgiving.

Mommy's Nintendo said...

Oh! Thank you, TGFKABPG! I had forgotten about the standing ovation. Every time?!

We used the one last night to get ahead of the traffic.

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I don't know. Don't be mad, but I think you are a little bah humbug about the whole clapping/ovate thing. I can NOT watch a performance of ANY kind (especially the kids' shows at school and such, of course) without getting a big, fat lump in my throat that can only be relieved by crying or standing in ovate. I choose to stand. It's preference, I guess. Happy Thanksgiving, though! And I only like cauliflower if it is raw.

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