Monday, October 1, 2007

Sorry I'm Late

My computer has been tied up all day burning a DVD for Pete. That's all I'm saying about that.

So, are you wondering how the sleepover went? It was a ton of fun!! And everyone slept! Eventually. We did a bunch of cool stuff: met The Grandpa for dinner, played in the play area at the mall (Husbandguy's idea) until some kid threw up and they had to shut it down, read Ginger's book that she brought and then read Pete's book that she picked out, had cinnamon rolls for breakfast (Ginger got to choose) (my 90 minute dinner rolls recipe makes pretty good cinnamon rolls in a pinch, btw), played outside... Lulu also had fun when the big girls let her play with them. At one point, Ginger said to me, "This play date is more fun than I thought it was going to be." I thought that was a nice thing to say, if a little backward. I feel kind of bad because I think Ginger was supposed to have a piano lesson while she was here, but I didn't know at first because there was some confusion earlier in the week about lessons and VW just dropped her off on Friday and I didn't get to talk to her, and then we ran out of time. I think everyone's priority was having fun and a piano lesson would have been a downer so I don't think it was missed. Still, though... Oh! And I was right. Kids are different when their parents aren't around. Or maybe it's my kid who's different when Ginger's parents aren't around... Well, no matter, the girls got along great. The only tense moments happened when they were hungry, which is totally understandable!

And Ginger's got a fantastic imagination and is a wonderful storyteller. While we were waiting for the rolls to be done, she told me about a "dream" she'd had that night. I think she might have been making it up on the spot because her description was very detailed, but it was a great story. I was impressed by the structure. Plus, Lulu turned into a little T-Rex in it, which made a cute picture in my head.

So we had fun. And, like I said, everyone slept. Which won't happen in a couple of years, I know.

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Vanya said...

Luckily, your kid's behavior problems are not my problem anymore. Good luck with all that.

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