Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh He's Soooo Funny haha :|

This morning, since it was rainy*, I asked Husbandguy if he'd mind sticking around until Pete's bus came so I could wait outside with her and Lulu wasn't inside by herself. He agreed. It would seem that at some point while I was outside he got a clever idea to teach me a lesson because when Lulu and I went into the kitchen after he left, all of the cupboard doors were open. I do a lot of things that annoy him, like leave dishes in the sink instead of on the counter next to the sink and make him put away his own t-shirts (he's got some complex filing system - I'd just do it wrong), but one of his biggest peeves, apparently, is that I sometimes leave cupboard doors open when I'm finished getting what I need out of them. What's the big deal? It's not like the dishes are going to escape. And the next time you need, say, a cup, that's one less action you have to do to get it. I'm being efficient. Planning ahead. Plus, you can see what's in the cupboard that way so if you want the Clifford bowl and it's in the dishwasher, you just have to look and see that it's not in the cupboard and you haven't spent all that energy opening and closing the door. Efficiency, I tell you! It didn't work, the Lesson Teaching. I'm still going to leave cupboard doors open because honestly I don't realize I'm doing it until he pretends to hit his head or something. Plus, I think it's genetic because one time Meme told me that the Grandpa does it too. So I can't help it. See?

*I'm not lying about the rain. It really is rainy today. And it's supposed to be for most of the day. The reason? Pete's school has a field trip today to pick pumpkins and will be outside all day.

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