Thursday, October 25, 2007

What Would You Have Thought?

The other day after Pete's swimming lesson, it was raining when we got home and I had a lot of stuff to carry. So I said to Husbandguy, "Would you get the baby?" and he said, "I have the keys," and ran off into the house.

What would you have thought?

I thought he was saying no. Especially when he took a long time turning off the alarm and so didn't come back out.

So after waiting a moment I stuffed as much as I could into the diaper bag and slung it over my shoulder and, with cold raindrops pricking me on the back between the bottom of my t-shirt and the top of my not-mom-jeans (thank you very much), unbuckled Lulu and got her most of the way out of the car before DH reappeared and said, "I'll get her," in a tone that implied he had intended to all along. Um, now? Really? It's a little late. Then we said this:

DH: I was coming to get her.
MN: It didn't sound like it.
DH: Do you want me to get her?
MN: It's kind of late now.
DH: Did you really think I wasn't coming to get her?
MN: You said, 'I have the keys!' and disappeared. What was I supposed to think?

That went on for a little longer, but you get the picture. Don't we sound like a smart, loving couple? Poor Lulu.


the grandpa etc said...

Did either of you get the baby?

Mommy's Nintendo said...

Well, ye-ah. I did. Because it would have been kind of hard to be all self-righteous and martyr-y if I didn't.

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