Monday, October 29, 2007

Ghost Vomit and $5.50 for Spun Sugar

Ah, amu$ement park$... We went yesterday because it was "free" with our season pass purchase. It was actually tons of fun, but it wasn't free. I'm pretty sure the cotton candy was refined from edible gold because $5.50 seems like a lot for everyday cane sugar. Since you can't bring outside food & drink in, our lunch only cost $40. Only $40... We ran into one of Josie's friends from school, and his mom had Capri Suns and would have had PB&Js if they hadn't been getting free lunch from Make-a-Wish. I wonder if she gives smuggling lessons.

The ghost vomit was cool, though. There was this wall with two ghosts painted on it, and where their mouths would be, there were these big openings, and every few minutes a ton of bubbles came pouring out of them so there was a huge pile of bubbles on the ground, taller than the children playing in it. Every now and then a bunch of bubbles would come strolling out of the pile, and one parent or another would wipe some of the bubbles away to reveal a child. It was cool. Husbandguy and I can never remember to bring the camera so you're just going to have to draw a picture in your head based on my fabulously detailed description (you can see it, right?). DH and Josie's friend's dad both thought it would be cool to have one of those at home.

The thing is, though (and the park might be getting a note from me about this), there isn't anything for toddlers to do there, and you can't just let them run free because it's so crowded you would lose them. So Lulu spent most of the day in her stroller. DH did take her out and carry her some, and we tried to let her walk but she doesn't always like to hold hands so that didn't work too well. I took her on the carousel because she seemed interested in that, but she didn't like it and got off her horse as soon as we started moving. So I wound up standing next to an empty horse holding a wiggly-worm for most of the ride. I should have gotten on the horse and put her in front of me. Next time...

Still, we had fun. And now we have season passes for next year for more "free" visits. Think of the possiblilties, though. Date night? You know, next year...

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