Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stupid Outlook!

So I had this super cute video of Lulu singing "Happy Birthday" ("HAP to YOOOOOO! HAP to YOOOOOO!") and for some reason I sent it in an email to all my people instead of posting it on Picasa. I attached it, wrote a little note, and hit send. Then I went to get Lulu at daycare. After I got back and put Lulu down for her nap, I heard from Moomie about how cute it was. Then I saw that I had gotten the copy I sent myself (because sometimes Husbandguy can only get the emails I forward to him). Then I got it 4 more times. Then I heard that Moomie had gotten it 6 times. Then I heard from Moomie saying, "Stop sending me this!" Then I checked my outbox and found that it was still there "sending," again and again, apparently, so I deleted it. Then I got it 3 more times. I tried to send out an apology via Outlook, but it wouldn't go so I sent it out with my other email. Then I got the email 2 more times along with a note from Poppop in reply to the apology and thought I must be done getting the email. But it came several more times after that! Good grief! Stupid Outlook! And now it won't send anything! But it does receive...

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