Thursday, October 18, 2007

She's A Swimmer!

Last night the whole family went to Pete's swimming lesson. And last night Pete did the most amazing thing at her swimming lesson. She's in a class with two little boys, and for most of the lesson they were all swimming the same distance, about 2/3 across the pool to where the teacher had positioned the little PVC pipe island thingy. But when I walked away for a minute, the teacher pushed the island (with the little boys on it) off to the side, out of the way, so Pete could swim all the way across the pool. And she did! I missed the trip across but saw the return trip. It was so cool! Her legs and arms were moving smoothly and steadily, just like when her dad swims, and she rolled over a took a breath about halfway, then rolled back and kept going, and when she got to the side she came up and peeked out at us, and I thought she'd look all proud and happy for herself, but the look on her face clearly said, "Yeah. No big deal. I've always been able to do that," with just the littlest bit of, "Eat my wake," mixed in. Holy crap! That kid can swim!! If those boys weren't inspired by that awesome display of swimming expertise, they weren't paying attention. I tell you what. If that school offered grown-up classes, I'd be in the pool in a minute!

SO - as soon as they evaluate her the next time, which I hope will be next week (and should have been yesterday), she will be officially done with the Beginner classes. My big girl? She's an ADVANCED swimmer now.

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Wow, that is super-cool! I'm impressed! I like swimmers, I like swimming, but I don't think I am as good at it as Pete is!!!

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