Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sleepover? Not So Much

Poor Pete! The Sleepover Gods were not on her side Friday night. Our phone rang at 9:30, and Husbandguy ran to answer it because it was either Pete or a tele-survey. It was Pete - well, Pete's friend's mum anyway (she's from England and has a really cute accent). She put Pete on the phone with DH, but Pete wanted her mom so he said, "Here's Mommy," and gave the phone to me, and I said, "Hey, kiddo..." and she said, "AAAAAAAAAAH-WAAAAAAAAH-HAAAAAAAAH!" and apparently gave the phone back to her friend's mum. After that little dance, we determined that Pete wasn't going to make it overnight so I told them her dad would come and get her because I was already in my jammies. I think they thought I was crazy when I pulled up in my jeans and PJ top and explained that it was easier for me to get dressed than for him to put on his shoes (remember he hurt his toe?). They said, "Oh," in that whatever-you-say kind of way and sent Pete out. Poor kid. You gotta do what you gotta do, though. By Sunday she had recovered and started making plans for trying again. Getting right back up on the horse. That's what we like to see!


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

There is a REALLY cute peanut butter commercial that deals with this very issue. Sometimes, I do think it is easier to have boys. We never consider it a sleep-over... it's just some random kid spending the night. Much less pressure. And it makes up our foursome for bridge.

the grandpa etc said...

I never knew Husbandguy was so eager to talk with tele-marketers.

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