Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is Honesty REALLY Best?

Five minutes after I got home from dropping Lulu off at school today, my phone rang. It was Mrs., the director at the school. I had mentioned to the teachers that Lulu had HFMD because I thought they should know. I also mentioned that she had been fever-free since Monday and that her rash was mostly gone. But she's still got blisters on her tongue and they were concerned that she's still contagious. I called her doctor's office after Mrs. called and they said that she's not contagious if her fever is gone. But I have mixed feelings about this. Like I said, she had not had a fever since Monday morning. And also she hasn't had all the pain and trouble eating since Monday either so her blisters are clearly better. The rash on her diaper area is gone and she never had it on her hands and feet so they're clear too. And the nurse had told me when I called on Monday that if her fever went away she would be fine to go back to school. But that wasn't enough for them. They wanted me to call again today. I get that they don't want her to give it to the other children. But here's my thing: she probably got it there to begin with! If there is suddenly an outbreak of HFMD at the preschool, are we going to get blamed? What about the parents didn't tell the school that their kid had it?

There was one time when I screwed up and when I admitted that I'd made a mistake, I got fired three days later (after I worked my bumbum off fixing the problem). I don't think they're going to fire Lulu from her preschool, but I don't want to be that person again who everyone looks at with blame because they admitted to something. Especially since she was cleared by the nurse to go back, and whoever gets it next could have gotten it anywhere, and I tried to do the right thing by mentioning it, and then I called the doctor when they asked and didn't argue, and I would have gone and gotten her if they'd asked me to, even though it was unnecessary, and wouldn't have let on how irritated that would have made me. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything...

Anyhow. Lulu is better.

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

When Beanie had Chickenpox, and it wasn't really a bad case, but anyway, when he had it? I knew that morning that's what it was. I also knew that he got it at daycare. But I needed to go to my job and get the phones covered and such. So I dropped him off, raced to work, told them that the daycare would be calling shortly. He lasted an hour before they were all, "Um, Miss So-and-so? Beanie has Chickenpox!" and I'm all, "Oh, REALLY? I didn't REALIZE that! I thought they were just some bumps! I'll be right there". We haveta do what we haveta do, I think. But I am glad she is better. And she sure is cute.

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