Monday, October 15, 2007

Hey! Where've You Been? (updated)

Oh, right! I was the one who was missing.

Okay. Here's what happened:

For someone who "doesn't work," I was actually busy last week! I ran around all day, every day, except for Monday, which is when I did the grocery shopping and laundry so I guess I wasn't actually idle that day. First, I had to help host a parent coffee with the principal at Pete's school (Lulu helped) and then the next day I had an appointment with my neurologist which was followed by a morning of reading with the kids in Pete's class (very rewarding, by the way, and I got to hear Pete read - she's very different at school!) and then the next day I had to stuff folders and sort books for Pete's class (Lulu helped with that one too) and then the next day I spent the morning in the media center (at Pete's school) counting books. How high did you count on Friday? I counted to 1059! And then I wished I had a media center card because I saw a bunch of books I wanted to check out. It was cool because every day, when I signed out in the office, I was able to tell the secretary, "See you tomorrow!" Well, except for Friday... And that doesn't even include the swimming and piano lessons and Lulu-being-sick stuff, and Husbandguy's injury. I'm not so busy this week. I have two things to do at the school, but they're both on the same day. It's almost like having "a Real Job." You know?

So, sorry for the neglect. It was hard enough to find time to play WebKinz!

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