Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ew! I Bet He Wishes He Had Just Gone to Work!

This morning, Husbandguy stayed home and saw the girls off to school so I could go to an appointment. He had planned to go into work late, but at some point he apparently decided to just take the day off. After my appointment, I went to Pete's school to listen to the children read (What fun! Whole other post!), and on my way home afterward my phone rang. It was DH asking me to stop and get hydrogen peroxide. ?!! I didn't realize he was at home, and I made the mistake of asking why he needed it (Moomie: don't read the next part), and he said, "I ripped my toenail off." Wow! Seriously? Okay. Stop talking about it! EW!! Now see? If he had just gone to work that wouldn't have happened. That'll teach him to take an unplanned Mental Health Day! Poor DH. I'm a little torn because I wish I could have helped him when it happened and at the same time I am SOOOOO glad I wasn't here because I don't want to look at it. I just warned him, though, that he's going to want to change his gauze before Lulu gets up from her nap or she'll want to poke the pretty red spot, and also Pete will be totally grossed out by it (just like her mom). So in that way I've helped him. Even if I won't get anywhere near his boo-boo. Poor guy!

1 comment:

Moomie said...

Reading this made the back of my knees all wobbily. I KNOW you did warn me...

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