Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sibling Rivalry?

Yesterday after Pete's piano lesson, for which she received a stick of sugarless gum from her teacher, Pete and Lulu and I were riding home in the car, and I realized that Pete seemed to be making an unusually large amount of noise chewing her gum. Pete is a noisy chewer, generally (we're working on it), and gum... well, gum isn't the quietest chewable there is. The thing was, though, that somehow the chewing sounds seemed to be a lot noisier than usual, like there was more than one person with gum in the backseat. So when I got to a stoplight, I investigated. Lulu, wanting to be like her sister, was also "chewing gum!" Big cow-like jaw movements and smacking tongue sounds were coming from my littlest angel, much to her sister's aggravation. You'd think maybe her sister's imitation would help Pete realize how obnoxious her chewing is, but I don't think she got it. "She's really annoying me!" she said. Yeah, Pete. I know.

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