Monday, March 24, 2008

All Done

Finally! For the first time since setting up housekeeping more than 10 years ago, Husbandguy and I have a matching kitchen table and chairs that I love. When we first moved in, HG's mom bought us this very 80's pedestal table with a glass top and pink upholstered, rolling arm chairs. It was really... um... not my style. I used a table cloth all the time, hoping it would hide the table. At least we had a table, right? So when my aunt offered to ship my grandmother's kitchen table to us, I said yes without any hesitation. That was a couple of years ago. She sent my grandma's chairs too, but there were only 2 of them and they needed work so we'd been sitting on old folding card-table chairs forever. But this year, Moomie agreed to buy us new chairs for our anniversary to go with the table and about a month ago we found four unfinished ones that were just perfect and started on our project. Then we both got sick and the project stalled. But yesterday? Yay! We ate dinner with Nana and Poppop sitting on our new chairs at our newly refinished table, and it was wonderful. It was like it was supposed to be that way!

I tried to upload a picture for you, but blogger isn't letting me right now for some reason so I'll try again later.

But YAY! We're all done. And I love it!!


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Yay! It's very pretty! Good job!

the grandpa said...

The table looks great. You guys did a good job. Good thing you had Pete helping you.

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