Monday, March 10, 2008

More Evidence That Lulu Is a Genius

Last week, we were running out of time for Pete to go shopping for her friend's birthday present so Lulu and I offered to do it for her, with the understanding that we could exchange it if we got the wrong thing. Pete said okay and told us to get a Littlest Pet Shop toy. Do you know how many Littlest Pet Shop toys there are? Lulu and I must have looked at dozens before deciding on one. Later that day, while we were driving to piano lessons, Pete was asking which one we got and I was explaining that I couldn't remember exactly which one it was because we'd looked at so many, and Lulu piped up, "It has a doggy!" For a moment there was silence in the car because we weren't expecting her to say anything. Then she said, "Got the one that has a doggy and a kitty and a birdy. A little birdy."


My TODDLER was listening Pete's and my conversation and understanding enough to know that there was a question and what that question was and that she knew the answer to that question and that she could/should speak up and share her information! I have to admit that, as proud as I am of how smart she seems to be, I was surprised by this. Because she's just my baby!

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