Friday, March 7, 2008

MABC Update

Currently we are working on letter sounds at MABC. I was reading about this program for very young children called SOUNS and thought that Lulu might be receptive to the sounds (I'm not paying for the program - just doing a sort of home-grown version). So this week we started with letters she already recognizes, S first. She taught herself that one; I just added the 'SSSSSSSSSS' (she says 'SSSTH'). Then we learned L. She likes the L sound. It's a lot like singing. But she hasn't quite mastered that yet. Also, since she mastered S so quickly, we did M, and she's almost got that one. She seems to be really enjoying it. As soon as she's got either M or L, I'll let her pick the next letter.

Now if only I could convince her that big girls who know their letter sounds should also go poopoo in the potty. She knows it. She just doesn't wanna.

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