Saturday, March 15, 2008


"This is a lockdown. Please secure your rooms... This is a lockdown. Please secure your rooms."

I was in the parent center at Pete's school on Friday when I heard that announcement. It was a little... um... alarming isn't the right word... maybe startling. Fortunately I had read the Lockdown Procedures for the Parent Center sheet that was hanging in there and also, the co-chair of the PTA Volunteer Committee was there so we knew what to do. She secured the room, and I hid in the corner. It was just a drill. No big deal.

Know what was cool, though? I don't think Pete realized I was still there when it happened so when she got home from school, I said, "I was in a lockdown today," and she said, "Me too!" Then she asked Lulu if she was too, and Lulu said yes even though she really wasn't, and Pete was totally surprised when I told her we were locked down in the same lockdown. And then she complained that it had made them 5 minutes late for lunch.

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