Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ear Training in B-flat

For the Guild Audition, Pete has to sing a major scale. You know, do re mi fa so la ti do. Sometimes she gets it nearly perfect, but most of the time she has a voice that, like The Grandpa once told me was said about his voice, "naturally harmonizes." So we're finding that Ear Training is one thing we're having to practice a lot. I really enjoy it. It's fun helping her hear how she has missed the note and teaching her the meaning of "sharp" and also showing her where in her body her voice should be when she sings. Six months ago she didn't understand what you meant when you asked her where her voice came from. Now, though, she can point at the spot in the middle of her collarbone and know that it needs to move up. And when she gets it into that yawn-place in the middle of her head, she hits the scale right on and it's beautiful. When she's paying attention... She is only 6 after all.

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