Friday, September 19, 2008

You'll have to make the airplane noise in your head.

Yesterday, Poppop took us out to dinner and he and Lulu had this conversation:

Poppop: Can I have a bite of your pizza?
Lulu: No.
PP: Why not?
LL: You... (noticing Poppop's empty plate) you already had your food.
PP: Please?
LL: Okay. Just a little bite.
(LL starts to hold her pizza out for PP to take a bite but snatches it back.)
LL: No. Wait. I'm gonna do the airplane! NNNNNNRRRRR... (waving pizza around as if it is a plane - Poppop opens his mouth) NNNNNNNNRRRR... COMING IN FOR A LANDING!


Dana said...

That is too cute!

Is this the introduction of a new character? Can't recall Poppop, though I can imagine his relativity.

Mommy's Nintendo said...

Poppop doesn't show up too often on TIBM. He's HG's family. But the girls love him and he takes care of us when we need him so you'll see him from time to time...

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