Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, 2 days ago, everyone (else but us) drove out all panicked and bought up all the gas. Did this happen where you live too? Husbandguy and I wondered why. Seriously. Ike hadn't even hit yet. Didn't those people realize that they were contributing to the conditions that would allow higher gas prices? For no reason at the time.

And then yesterday, every gas station we passed was, of course, out of gas. Pumps were roped off or covered with plastic bags. Signs were turned off. Gas stations were deserted. Every now and then we'd see some poor sap slow down when he or she passed gas stations, hoping for just a little gas to fuel their Expedition. Sorry, buddy. Don't look at me!

And what really gets me is the station on the corner near our house. We drove by in the morning yesterday and they were out of gas and the sign said something like $4.299/gal. Later that day, they were still out of gas, but somehow the price for their non-existent gas had gone up by more than a dollar to 5.369/gal! They raised the price! For what?!! The idea of gas?!!

This is stupid.


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Oh, no kidding- that makes me nuts. I noticed we were up to $3.99/gal and my light just came on, but I definitely think some gouging has occurred.

Dana said...

I had my own gas adventure. Fortunately, I filled up the day before gas prices sky-rocketed!

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