Saturday, September 13, 2008

This and That

Husbandguy had a meeting with a recruiter yesterday who works for a company that is having trouble placing people for the same reason HG needs to be placed. Still, they have HG's resume and I'm sure HG made a good impression so maybe he'll be at the top of their list if something does come along. Stupid economy.


Pete and I are going on a little trip in a couple of weeks so she can meet a whole bunch of my relatives who are related to Moomie. It's in Ohio. Know what I'm most excited about? It gets cool there at night! Like it should in September. We will have to wear jackets! Yes!! Well, that and seeing my family.

There is horseback riding near the park where we'll be staying, and Pete really wants to go horseback riding, but it would be $34 for the two of us to go riding for an hour and that's just not in the books right now. Stupid economy.


We got a note home in Pete's work planner this week that her teachers would like to have a conference with us. DuhnDuhnDuuhhhn... She is apparently being disruptive, talking to herself and her friends when she and they are supposed to be working. She had this problem last year, too. I am grateful for the conference, but it is only the 3rd week of school! HG can't go because Lulu needs someone to stay with her, but Pete is going with me so she can be part of the plan building.

Oh, and I made her cry yesterday because I caught her in a lie. I wasn't trying to trap her or to make her cry, but she was clearly upset by being found out. She said so.

It's hard being 6, I think.


Howie is outside right now digging in the mud. Our poor carpet.

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Oh, crappy day! But here's one good thing: next time you come visit, Pete (and you) can come to Husband's family's horse ranch and ride if you want to. For free. In a pen, and the horsies are fat and lazy, which often equals SAFE. As long as you don't ask them to do something they don't want to, like run. So anyway, you guys can TOTALLY do that. I'll even let you (two) ride Angel, if you want to.

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