Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well, There Goes that Plan (also: Lulu's 1st Morning)

Today was supposed to be my first day to have alone time and get things done. PTA things, cleaning Lulu's room, things like that. Lulu started back to preschool this morning (more on that later), and since she would be gone all morning and sleep most of the afternoon, that was supposed to mean that I could do whatever I wanted/needed to do around here without interference. But no! That's not going to happen. Thank you, Husbandguy's former employer. Stupid economy!

HG and I took Lulu to her first day together (because we can), and since it's the first week, we walked her to her classroom and left her at the door. We had to call her back for hugs. That kid was ready! I'm not sure I'm going to miss her as much as I did at first last year, but it sure wasn't easy leaving her there. HG rolled his eyes at me while we were walking back to the car because I was just chattering on about nothing. So I told him not to roll his eyes because it was either talk or cry, and he didn't roll them anymore (who wants to deal with MN crying? really). Fortunately the dog had a doctor appointment this morning right after we took Lulu so that took my mind off of leaving my baby. Until now. Sigh!

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