Monday, September 22, 2008

My Novel

So, when I read, I tend to skim over the wordy descriptive sections and really focus on the dialogue. I feel like I may have just admitted something that makes me seem unintelligent, but I don't care because all it really means is that I don't like to be bored with the small details.* And it's only when I read fiction. And it's only ever been problematic when I'm reading plays. Until now.

This habit (preference? deficiency?) of mine is making my novel a little difficult to write. I have several conversations written (in Word and in my head), but if you were to read them, you'd have to decide for yourself what my characters look like and how their surroundings are decorated. 'Cause I dunno. Or maybe I do, but I'm not telling...

*This inattention to detail is also why I probably won't remember your name 3 minutes after you tell me.


Anonymous said...

I never want to admit--because I fear it makes me look unintelligent--that I skip along reading for plot. Maybe you can add significant detail during an editing process. Or maybe you'll end up revealing more in dialogue that you realize. . .KEEP WRITING.
The Meme

Dana said...

I'm pretty tedious about reading every word. I will never be a speed reader but I can still hold my own.
Writing is different. I suck at writing both details and dialogue... *sigh*

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