Monday, September 8, 2008

Pete's Lesson

The other day, Pete's class read the book Born With a Bang (which I have not read) and then her teacher gave the "first years"* a lesson about the "beginning of the Universe." It went like this:

First Ms. C laid out 2 black sheets with "stuff" in between. She pulled out a balloon and a "push pin" and popped the balloon, and "tiny particles [glitter] flew all onto the second black sheet." Then she pulled out a bowl and filled it with water and added red confetti. She stirred it around and told the students to "watch the particles clump together." Then she took off the top sheet and there was... a VOLCANO! The volcano was apparently made by the third years last year. There was also water vinegar, red and yellow food coloring, and baking soda, which Ms. C put into the volcano, which then "exploded all over school!"

Cool, right? I asked Pete what she had learned from Ms. C's lesson and that was when she told me they had read the book, but she didn't elaborate so I'm not sure how much she got, but the lesson was cool and she remembered it and she's only in the first grade and Husbandguy was impressed by her use of the term "tiny particles."

And also, one of my girls at least is getting the right kind of education outside our home.

*Items in quotes are Pete's words.

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