Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Husbanguy Must Be Lucky or Something

Yesterday, Husbandguy's gas light came on in his car, but every gas station we passed except for 1 had bags over the pumps and/or caution tape stretched out blocking them. That 1 station that had gas also had a line. And apparently their gas is better than everyone else's because it was about 40¢ more than the local average price. Maybe it's made of gold... Anyway, he didn't get gas there, which I admit, made me slightly nervous. Because his gas light was on. Instead, he brought me home and took my car, which had about ¼ of a tank and went in search of a real gas station. He found one in no time where the gas was 40¢ less than the place where maybe the gas is magical. And there was no line. And they had enough gas that he could fill my tank and then come get his car and fill it too. It was cool. And kind of lucky.

Still, keep sending your positive energy (however you do that) his way. We're still waiting.

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I didn't know Charlotte is out of gas, too... It's madness, really.

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