Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You know how when you're reading something good, sometimes you dream about it?

That's happening to me with The Host by Stephanie Meyer. Except, unusually, I'm not dreaming that I'm part of the story - I'm just dreaming about the story. Dana at One for the Books reviewed it a few months ago, and I think that's where I first came across the title. It's one of those best sellers and I was #67 in line when I put it on hold at the library so probably the Grandpa wouldn't read it, but just like with the Harry Potter books, he would be missing out.

It's a very compelling read, entertaining and (I think) fairly original. I am very much enjoying the main character's reactions to her environment, the people she encounters, the overwhelming emotions she has to deal with for the first time.

I really like it when I've got a good book.

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Dana said...

squeeeee! Someone mentioned me in their blog!!! ;)

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