Monday, August 18, 2008

Worry With Me

Husbandguy just called. He said that the Big Boss in his office just invited everyone out to the wing place across the street for wings and drinks. HG was thinking that was a good way to get a free dinner, and I was grumping because now I have to eat dinner alone with the girls, which in itself isn't a problem, but it's unexpected. You know? So I decided to just eat leftover whatever with the girls because they won't care and when I was reheating Lulu's pizza, I had a terrible thought. I learned 6 years ago that it's sometimes not good when the Big Boss calls everyone together. Sometimes it means that you should be dusting off your resume. HG said he'll be home around 7, so when he gets here at 11:30 or 2 AM or whatever, I guess I'll find out then. But in the meantime, it would take some of the pressure off me if you guys would go ahead and worry with me. You know, share the work...


Update - 6:45: I called him because it seemed like he should have been told by now, and it turns out that the Big Boss was just taking everyone out because they'd scheduled the company picnic at a ballgame on Sunday in SC and apparently you can't get beer at the ballgame on Sunday in SC. The Big Boss has gone home to his wife and children. HG, however, and a few of "the guys" are on their way to some other bar (he didn't say where - I don't care). He swore up and down that he wouldn't be late (uh-huh), but rather than take him at his word and to avoid the discomfort of last time, I told him that if he is still there at last call, he needs to call me.

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Dana said...

Anyone else think he should've checked with you before deciding to head to a bar with "the guys?" Sheesh!

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