Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Good Soaking

The weatherpeople have been saying for a week that Fay was going to bring us rain, they just didn't know when. Well, today it happened. It has been raining, with short breaks here and there, since sometime last night. Actually, since about 7 this morning, it's been raining constantly.

This is good because we need the rain so people will stop using the word drought in every other sentence.

It is bad because Howie doesn't like to get wet and so won't go outside when it's raining. At all. Unless I go with him. Which I don't want to have to do. I, um... helped him go out back by himself a little while ago so he could pee, but he just scrunched up against the house and fussed at me until the neighbor dogs started fussing too so I went out and stood in the grass until he peed. I'm setting a bad precedent, I know, but I'd rather stand in the rain for 2 minutes than have to clean up a puddle.

Actually, no, I wouldn't. That's it. I'm not sending him outside if he doesn't want to go anymore. But I will be closing all the bedroom doors...

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Anonymous said...

Ahh.. . I remember those days. Wait til you get snow on the ground. The Grandpa used to have to go shovel feets of it to get to grass for our sweet Katie to be tempted to go.

You probably need to think of yourself like a commuter--get the mass of umbrellas (at least you can get the huge ones, which are too big for commuters), some fun rain boots, a rain coat.

Or--hey--don't kids like to play in the rain? Get them raincoats & boots & umbrellas and teach them to grip that leash!!

Why can't all dogs be like my Grandma's dog Sunny was? She went out in the rain and stopped at the front door so my Grandma could dry each foot before she entered.
The Meme

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