Sunday, August 10, 2008

Now What?

I took everyone's advice and put Lulu in panties a week ago. I had to dig out the bag of Pete's little panties that I had put aside for this day because Lulu went through panties like... well, like they were diapers. It has been a whole week and I just had to wash poop out of the ones with the cute little turtles on them and I'M DONE! I am so frustrated that I cried. She's wearing a Pull-Up right now because I'm tired of having to run and get towels and the carpet spray to mop up and deodorize her little accident spots before the dog finds them. And the worst part of it is that she doesn't tell me when she's had an accident. I have to notice that her clothes are wet (or that she smells bad) and then I have to go on an all-out hunt for the wet place because she never remembers where it is. Or at least she pretends she doesn't remember. Maybe I should let the dog find them...

So Lulu will not be potty trained because I quit. She can go to kindergarten in Pull-Ups for all I care right now. By then she should be able to change them herself.

The dog, however, is housetrained.


30 minutes later: Okay. I feel better now. I did a little reading and have put the potty away (out of sight, out of mind) for a little while and am planning on not even mentioning it for at least a month. We'll just change Pull-Ups when necessary (because she won't wear diapers) and send them to school with her and maybe try again in October or something. It's not worth the stress. She's not even 2½ yet.


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I'm telling you- it is not worth your sanity. She'll know when she is ready and she will tell you so! Pumpkinhead does strip to naked and sits on the potty every day, but there is zero expectation that he will go (anything) in the potty. It's just a cool, special chair, just for him... the he sits on naked, in the bathroom, with me while I sit on the big girl potty. Then we talk about how mommy goes peepee (or worse) in the potty- nothing at all about him.

Oh, and we eat candy.

She's gonna be fine... and you are, too!!!

Dana said...

I have to tell you the only thing than feeding solids to an Olympic-spitter is potty-training. My advice: Don't feel guilty! There are always kids older than yours out there that aren't potty-trained! One day (or two or three), it'll just happen. I still think my potty-trained youngster is a miracle.

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