Sunday, August 3, 2008

LL Says:

At the mall yesterday, Pete and I were walking in front of Husbandguy and Lulu and I heard Lulu say, "Look at that!" Then HG, sounding very embarrassed, said "Sorry!" and chuckled. I looked to see who he was apologizing to - it was a couple of young (pretty) women who were also laughing and giving Lulu that isn't-she-cute look. When I asked what had happened, HG said that Lulu had grabbed one of the women's butt and said, "Look at that!" Silly kid! Too bad HG wasn't looking to meet a pretty woman. That'd be a great opener...

1 comment:

Dana said...

I would've died! At least, if I were a man, I would've. What guy doesn't want to squeeze some babe-licious butt and blame his kid!?

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