Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mommy's Nintendo Rocks PTA Membership

So our state PTA organization challenged all PTAs to increase membership by 7% this year over last year. Since nobody actually did anything much about membership last year, when I set my goals, they were pretty low, I admit. A 7% increase over last year would only be 86 members. My goal was 90 members.

So our first membership push was yesterday at Open House. I made 50 copies of the membership form and a couple of signs (Husbandguy helped with the signs - I made them in Word and he printed them on the plotter at work and they were amazing - everyone exclaimed about them a lot) and tootled off to Open House 1/2 hour early to set up. OH was supposed to go from 11-1 and I was hoping to get 50 people to pay their dues while there. OH actually went from 10:45 - 1:30, at least the part I was doing did, and our tiny organization has 95* members now! And school hasn't even started. And we'll probably get a few more at the first PTA meeting in September.

I guarantee that the Board is not regretting voting "aye" to creating a Membership Committee for MN to chair. I'm on fire! This is going to be a way better PTA experience than last year.

*unofficial count
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