Saturday, August 16, 2008

LL Says:

Last night I was reading Buenas Noches Luna (Good Night Moon in Spanish) to Lulu. I asked her if I should read it in Spanish or English and she chose English first. When we finished it, she asked me to read it in Spanish so I said, "Buenas Noches Luna," and she said, "No! It's not called Ochos Nachos Luchos!" and I said, "No, it's not. It's called Buenas Noches Luna," and she started to argue but I pressed on. "En la gran habitacion verde hay un telefono, y un globo rojo, y un cuadro..." and she said, "No that's not right. That doesn't sound right." I kept going and almost got to the page with the gatitos (kittens), with her insisting the whole time that I was reading it wrong (I wasn't). Finally she gave up and slammed the book shut and took it away from me. "That's not how it sounds," she said. Stupid Mommy - can't even read a book right. Jeez!

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