Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Open House

Part 1: I had this conversation twice with Husbandguy in 2 days. Word for word.

HG, sounding annoyed: What time is this open house?
MN: It's at 11.
HG, still annoyed: Wait, who is it for?
MN: Lulu. You don't have to be there.

You'd think that just the 1 time would have been sufficient, but he apparently needed to run through it 2 times. In 2 days.

Part 2: The open house was yesterday morning (so thankfully I won't have to have that conversation again). When I was on the phone with Moomie before we left, Lulu was all full of sparkle and song. The cheerful singing and squealing in the background gave Moomie the impression that maybe Lulu was excited. She may have been right...

It went well. Lulu is clearly comfortable in her new class. She likes her teachers and they already know her from us borrowing the tiny potty from time to time. All of her friends from last year except for 1 are in this class with her. Most of them were there yesterday, but she was too busy playing to talk to any of them. We're looking forward to next week.

And, I am seriously considering trying drop off this year...


CandCFamily said...

I did walk-in the first two days now of K, but he wants the bus already now tomorrow. I would settle for drop-off, but he is adamant. :-(

Dana said...

lol @ HG!

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