Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jailbreak!! (WARNING: not as interesting as it sounds)

So yesterday, we put Howie in his room during his mealtimes twice and left (we left his food with him). He seemed to do okay the first time, but when we got home after the second time, which was much longer than we've ever left him before, he had knocked down the gate "holding" him in his room and made a mess in our bedroom. I don't blame him. The poor puppy had to poo and didn't want to do that in his room. Probably we should have taken him for a walk before we left, but we didn't - live and learn, right? So we've repositioned the gate and hopefully he won't be able to knock it down anymore, and I'm not going anywhere until late afternoon today and plan on walking him before we leave, although Lulu will be napping probably right up until we go so... Darn crazy stressful dog!

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