Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The New President

(Not of the USA - of the PTA)

Last year, I didn't work well with the PTA president. He was a good leader, but he was the wrong personality type for me and I was intimidated by him and I would never had made a joke in front of him like the one I just made to the new president via email, who totally got it. Listen:

MN: Hi! I noticed that the flyer about the PTA meeting in our packets from school said that we'll be giving away t-shirts to new members. Will there be enough t-shirts to give away on the 4th? If not, are we going to offer an apology and a bumper sticker or something instead?

Pres: Hey [MN]! I know we are printing t-shirts to sell at that meeting, and we have a designer working on a new t-shirt to sell in the fall. I think the consensus is that we'll offer our apologies and a "we ran out of shirts" and hope that everyone understands. Quite frankly, no one expected you to kick quite as much membership booty at the Open House! What a great problem to have, right?

MN: Okey doke! I'm set for apologies and smiles. I'll try to remember not to say, "Nyahnyahnyah-ah. Yooo missed ou-out."

Pres: yeah - that wouldn't be very Montessori of you. ;)

She's so cool!


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Cool! I like the new president, too. I like shirts, too.

Mommy's Nintendo said...

Free shirts, PSP (and I even got one because it's not like when you can't win the Disney prize because you work for Disney)!

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Or McDonald's Monopoly because YOUR MOM works for McDonald's! Gah. that's awesome. I think she's gonna be cool, even though I am not crazy about emoticons that wink.

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