Saturday, January 19, 2008

More Snow!

So Meme recently returned to the South from MA, and on Saturday, my family and I are at her house and it's snowing!! I'm all excited, "Ooooo! Look, Pete!! Look, Meme!!" and Meme's making fun of me, claiming she can't even see any flakes and saying I've been in the South too long and stuff. And you know what? She's right! I totally wouldn't used to get excited about an inch of snow before, but now it's a big deal. I miss winter...

Also, Husbandguy and Pete and Lulu had a snowball fight and came inside all wet because nobody knew enough to keep their hats on.

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Tickel said...

I totally understand. I live so far south and have done so for such a long time that the only thing I can get excited about when it comes to snow is other folks snow. So if you have snow....enjoy some for me.

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